I’ve just finished off deleting all the crap that bots have been putting on my site. Fucking stool softeners, cialis, and viagra.

I tried to have an open and honest communication with you. But, I suppose it’s just like that one girl said in The Social Dilemma. The internet is one big shopping mall.

Thanks, millennials.

Keep on protecting those IP’s which don’t make you any money. It’s a noble fight you’re fighting. And plus, it’s not like we were raping away all of their profits. I’m sorry, but it just doesn’t work that way. It’s not binary. In fact, I doubt that we were taking away 5% of their profits.

I doubt, very highly, that we were taking away 1% of their profits. But no, not you white knights. Any profit taken from a faceless, soulless corporation and that has you taken all aback.

It’s like we haven’t learned anything from the ’40’s. Great Depression? Never happened. Two world wars? Pfft, child’s play. World War II? We won it. (Actually, it was Russia that won the Eastern Theater) And it’s like none of you realize that we sent some of the greatest minds, not only of our country, but of our time, over to those countries to help them rebuild.

And look at those countries now? Germany? Free health care, and a fuckload more mandatory vacation days than we get. Japan, same thing. South Korea, same thing. Canada, and yeh, I’m including you Canadians in this. Canadians have loved our military because it has meant that they don’t have to build one of their own, at least one of consequence.

That’s one thing that pisses me off about Jordan Peterson. He keeps on speaking about “our military”. Ummm, hi? Either emigrate to our country or don’t. But stop saying “our military” and then start singing “Oh, Canada!” when the national anthem comes on. Either pay your 55% directly into the military coffers, otherwise GTFO.

I dunno, I’m probably just rambling, to be rambling. But it felt good to get it off my chest.

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