TinyDB to the rescue!

I’ve been dreading doing something about my database knowledge, especially when it comes to Python. MySQL, mongo, SQLite, etc. It all just seemed so over the top, and heavy handed to me. Yah, great… So, I’m gonna be using a database that Fortune 500 companies are using? Yah, great. That’ll turn out well.

That’s until I heard about TinyDB. What it does is it uses the same base principles as some of the others, without all the overhead. In other words, you don’t want any ACID (in other words, what enterprise does) testing, but yet you still want to learn about database management? TinyDB is here for you. You don’t want to learn about multiple people trying to leach off your data? TinyDB is here for you. You want to learn and search databases? TinyDB is here for you.

Of course, if you need to have any of those things, then TinyDB falls apart. But as of right now, I’m actually having fun learning about databases, and most importantly, I’m doing searches in a database environment.

I’ve had to set up some of the bigger cousins of TinyDB to even get this website started, and let me tell you, it wasn’t fun. Just getting the initial password to reset was a major PITA. Hell, setting up SSH keys (and logging in) was much easier than this.

Some of you may call TinyDB the little database “that thought it could“. In many ways, you’re absolutely right. Hell, give it the moniker of My Little Starter DataBase. I don’t honestly give a shit. I’m learning, and that’s what matters.

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