SEC+ — Passed

I work at Sutherland/Proofpoint (they primarily do email support) doing L1 Tech Support for Enterprise. Been working there for a year and a half. It’s not as “cool” as some of you may think. “Ohhh, you get to work with SIEM’s, and SOAR’s, and IPS systems.” No, no, and no. We get to look up logs, and poorly defined logs at that.

So, I started on this journey about two (maybe two and a half) months ago. Every Sunday, there I’d be. Watching TV in bed, with that huge old book in front of me. I then progressed on to Udemy classes.

I was scoring, and scoring well on this exam.

64% the first time, 76% the second, 86% the third, then 90’s all this week.

Then, this morning I get blindsided by all of these other types of questions. My exam was 75 questions and I had 75 minutes to do it.

I managed to eek it out though. Took 750 points to pass, and I got 760.

I used up all 75 minutes of that exam, too. When I finally clicked on “next” of that last question, I think I had 43 seconds left. It left zero time for the questions I had flagged. Still, a pass is a pass, and I’m willing to take it in whatever form it comes in. I’m just not sure that if I took the test again I’d pass it.

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