ProPro’s and the squeezing of the net

I was reading this the other day, and in that article he claimed to have some issues with the Linux Mint forums. In it, he describes what are some glaring issues with Linux Mint 19.1 and some very serious problems with Linux Mint forum goers.

Of course, we’ve all had to deal with these people. People who think that there can’t be anything wrong with the product. It has to be you. You’re the cause of all of your woes.

Whether it’s a game, a console, PC, hell even a popular cola. (Coke vs. New Coke) I’ve started to call these people propro’s. Product Propagandists. People who think that their company shits gold where ever they are.

Propro’s will twist themselves whatever way they can to justify their narrative. It sounds like the LM forum goers would twist themselves into unrecognizable shapes, simply to prove him wrong as well. I once had someone tell me on the BioWare forums that all money that we spend on entertainment is a waste.

Really? 1984, Fahrenheit 451, Lord Of The Flies? They were all a waste? Srsly?

Over on the BioWare forums we call them BioDrones. People who can’t possibly think that BioWare did anything wrong. I’m sure that other places have other names for them. For now, I’m simply calling them what they are. Propros, or propagandists for products.

Now, I don’t wanna be a Negative Nancy here, but when there are problems, you should identify and fix those problems.

The problem is that when the propros start taking over and shutting down and silencing all dissenters. Worse off, it’s when the company actually starts to believe its own propros.

I actually believe that is what is the problem with BioWare itself right now, as well as any company (or idea) that has an extremely propros-like following.

How can you tell? You can recognize it by any cult like following. You can also recognize it by any person that makes just absolute batshit insane comments. Anyone who stands up to them to tell them just how fucking stupid and dense they are is immediately banned, all in the name of “no bullying”. Also dogmatism plays a huge role here. Have you ever tried arguing with a religious person who was convinced that they were right? Whoah, buddy, there’s a fun argument.

Except, in propros’ case, it’s actually much simpler argument (for them, at least). They’re not arguing for the entire existence of humanity. They’re simply arguing that their product shits gold, and whoever developed it ate diamonds.

If this continues, it will decrease the size and effectiveness of the net as a whole. This will turn each of your forums into places where not only your own people don’t wanna go, but other people don’t wanna visit either. The net will survive, I have no doubt. The net will start to swing back the other way.

I’m just scared of what that’ll look like for millennials, who up until this point have had safe spaces and micro-aggressions. Just wait, it’s coming. I’ve seen the way it used to be, and the way it’s headed if not tomorrow, the day after tomorrow.

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