Is Steam playing it smart?

About a year ago, I guess, a new launcher was, well, launched. Epic Games Store. And Steam sat there idly by.

Throughout the process of Epic buying up exclusives, including, but not limited to, Phoenix Point, The Outer Worlds, Borderlands 3. Still, Steam remained quiet.

Now, this got me to thinking. Either… And you’ll have to bear with me now, but either… Steam is so sure that future of gaming lies in the hands of the indie studios, or… Steam believes that enough big budget games are coming their way.

Or possibly, both. They could believe that eventually A developers will turn into AAA developers. Like what happened over at Larian Studios just this past week (or rather, just announced this past week). I’ll cut to the chase, they tripled in size.

I personally think so. Whatever Steam is doing is working. And by working on Linux and games for linux, is always a plus.

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