BG3? Maybe.

So, over at Larian Studios, you’ll find something extremely similar to this.

Impressive, no?

Some people say it’s Baldur’s Gate III. I was kind’a hoping for Divinity Original Sin III, but I’m willing to take whatever they’ve got in the pipe. Larian Studios hasn’t reignited my passion for RPG gaming. That honor would have to go to Mass Effect. But ever since Mass Effect : Andromeda and with their rolling failure Anthem, BioWare is no longer king of the RPG space.

Whatever it is, I’ll be waiting with baited breath. The last time a Baldur’s Gate game came out, I was, I believe, more into FPS games. Well, times, and more importantly my reaction times, have changed and slowed.

Add to this, that Larian studios is also Linux gaming friendly.

It’ll be interesting, that’s for sure.

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