Just some fan fiction.

Mass Effect fan fiction.

I think it’s pretty decent. For a first draft. I’m a long way from completing it though.

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The unholy trinity and the modern game

I was sitting here thinking about one post I made on uBSN’s (unofficial BioWare Social Network) forum.


In the post I hit on three thing: wrong engine, microtransactions, and games as a service. I called them the unholy trinity that would also bring a few studios down. Then, as I started to think about it more and more, I realized that the engine didn’t really have much to do with it. Sure, it does in BioWare’s case, and some would even argue Bethesda’s, but not other studios. I realized that it doesn’t have to be that wide. Let me break down the unholy trinity.

  • Recurrent user spending — This is how much each user will spend. They don’t care if 95% of the player base doesn’t spend a dime, they only care about the 5% that do.
  • Microtransactions — This is the item that they are selling. Note the difference. One is buying, one is selling.
  • Games as a service — The entire thing that bring it all together. The thing that says, “Hey, your friends are doing it, don’t you want in? Don’t you want to play with the ‘cool’ crowd?”

Think of it as a triangle if you want to, with each of these at the angles. If you know something about geometry, you know that a triangle is one of the most sturdy shapes.

This is really the unholy trinity that, I think if it’s not broken soon, will bring down major developers. Games used to be from gamers with a passion. Not about looking out for their checkbook.

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I’ve now switched over!

Wooo-hoo. I’ve now switched over to Linux full time, now. Not even on my home machine do I run Windows.

The reasons are pretty basic and simple.

1. Windows doesn’t care about your privacy. There was a time when this wasn’t true, but through Windows 8.* to Windows 10, this has become a relic. Nowadays, with each and every patch, you had better check your settings, because I can guarantee you that something in them has changed back to the default. It’s not just a one and done type of deal. I used Spybot Antibeacon when I ran Windows. If I didn’t run it after every time Windows got updated, I’d be screwed.

2. Windows sucks at everything, except for maybe gaming. With the newest Steam updates and the likes of Proton, I can play almost anything without much hassle. Steam’s upgrading Proton as you’re reading this, and it’s just going to keep getting better.

3. Lutris. Lutris is a website that’ll help you install anything that’s not Proton enabled on Steam.

3a. WINE. Meh. WINE is kind’a a mixed bag. It’s great if you’re running enterprise applications such as Word, or PhotoShop, or Abobe Premiere. However, it’s not so great when you’re trying to run games that are constantly being upgraded. Or one of the launchers, hint hint nudge nudge Origin, uPlay, Epic.

4. It’s not that difficult to learn. You can go and install Mint right now and have it be (almost) exactly like Windows. Sure, there’s a learning curve there, but Mint’ll cushion the blow. This was the installation I started with. Hell, it’s the installation I’m on now. But my other computer, my gaming computer, is now Manjaro. My laptop downstairs, Ubuntu.

*shrug* It feels good to finally be free of the yoke of the chain of MicroSoft.

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And the death of a game…


I could lie and say that I’m happy about that, but the truth is I feel nothing but apathy.

Sure, I’m sad for the individual developers. Sure, I’m sad to see a great studio fall. But on this specific game, I can’t bring myself to shed any tears over this one.


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Badass. Why do I feel as though I’ve been through the wars, though? I need a beer.

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

Kick ass.

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