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BG3? Maybe.

So, over at Larian Studios, you’ll find something extremely similar to this. Some people say it’s Baldur’s Gate III. I was kind’a hoping for Divinity Original Sin III, but I’m willing to take whatever they’ve got in the pipe. Larian … Continue reading

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Why I won’t buy AAA games anymore

In the past, I’ve discussed microtransactions and my feelings on them. Well, you may have noticed that I was only targeting the big publishers. This was for a reason. Only big publishers wanna make a fast and easy buck. Let’s … Continue reading

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The Technomancer and my take on current gaming practices

The Technomancer was a generally not well received game. Make no mistake about it, I loved the story. The characters were well developed, although a tad hackneyed. I like that you could romance somebody. I really liked the ending. But … Continue reading

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ProPro’s and the squeezing of the net

I was reading this the other day, and in that article he claimed to have some issues with the Linux Mint forums. In it, he describes what are some glaring issues with Linux Mint 19.1 and some very serious problems … Continue reading

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Maybe not downloading ?

I think that some of you might be hesitant to download an *.odt file, some of you may not even know what that is. (It’s a file created by libreoffice, more specifically librewriter, a MicroSoft Office alternative. ) So, I’m … Continue reading

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Just some fan fiction.

Mass Effect fan fiction. I think it’s pretty decent. For a first draft. I’m a long way from completing it though.

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The unholy trinity and the modern game

I was sitting here thinking about one post I made on uBSN’s (unofficial BioWare Social Network) forum. In the post I hit on three thing: wrong engine, microtransactions, and games as a service. I called them the unholy trinity … Continue reading

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I’ve now switched over!

Wooo-hoo. I’ve now switched over to Linux full time, now. Not even on my home machine do I run Windows. The reasons are pretty basic and simple. 1. Windows doesn’t care about your privacy. There was a time when this … Continue reading

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And the death of a game… I could lie and say that I’m happy about that, but the truth is I feel nothing but apathy. Sure, I’m sad for the individual developers. Sure, I’m sad to see a great studio fall. But on this specific … Continue reading

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Badass. Why do I feel as though I’ve been through the wars, though? I need a beer.

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