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A lil' about myself?

Just some fan fiction.

Mass Effect fan fiction. I think it’s pretty decent. For a first draft. I’m a long way from completing it though.

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The unholy trinity and the modern game

I was sitting here thinking about one post I made on uBSN’s (unofficial BioWare Social Network) forum. In the post I hit on three thing: wrong engine, microtransactions, and games as a service. I called them the unholy trinity … Continue reading

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I’ve now switched over!

Wooo-hoo. I’ve now switched over to Linux full time, now. Not even on my home machine do I run Windows. The reasons are pretty basic and simple. 1. Windows doesn’t care about your privacy. There was a time when this … Continue reading

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And the death of a game… I could lie and say that I’m happy about that, but the truth is I feel nothing but apathy. Sure, I’m sad for the individual developers. Sure, I’m sad to see a great studio fall. But on this specific … Continue reading

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Badass. Why do I feel as though I’ve been through the wars, though? I need a beer.

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Kick ass.

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